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Ksnipe is a full automatic keyword backlinks building system
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Ksnipe Software

Ksnipe is a full automatic keyword backlinks building system. It can successively add backlinks to your webpage by auto Forum Profile Submitting, auto Social Bookmark Submitting, auto Directory Submitting, auto RSS Submitting and auto Article Submitting. Ksnipe is always focusing on full automation, high success rate, much time saving and high stability. A slightly click, all heavy work will be done automatically. Now, Start marketing with KSnipe, start marketing with SEO.

Main Features:

- Full Automation Software
Ksnipe has built-in user information automatic generation module, email account automatic generation module, original article automatic generation module, article content auto-spin module, captcha code auto-recognition module, network resources automatic detection module , site automatically submit module, email confirmation and validation module... All of these are carried out automatically so that you can use it more convenient.
- Function Diversity
What is KSnipe Submitter? Profile Submitter? Forum Submitter? Directory submitter? Blog submitter? RSS submitter? or Bookmark Submitter? The answer is all in one! In nature, KSnipe submitter is an almighty article submission tool, which covers almost all aspects about how to generate high quality backlinks. It will submit forum profiles, RSS, all kinds of directories, excellent articles, socialization bookmarks, and different blogs to target websites at a time. Also you can only choose several instead of all to execute.
- High Success Rate
Ksnipe can automatically classificate errors in every step from all sites to achieve a high success rate. In view of the different error, Ksnipe can automatically change user information, switch proxy, refresh captcha code re-identification, or send the captcha code to users for manual reorganization. In order not to waste your precious time, Ksnipe makes best efforts to ensure every step accurate.
- High Customizability
When enjoying the full automation of ksnipe, you can also highly customize every function and your own site scripts. Ksnipe has its own definition of simple yet powerful script commands, via which you can let it automatically do all Web-related work. If you do not like to study these instructions, you can also propose your requirements and let Ksnipe staff write scripts for you. Meanwhile, Ksnipe provides very powerful URL Harvest functions. Based on the keywords you provide, Ksnipe can automatically grab the tens of thousands of sites and generate scripts to be submitted.
- High Stability
Thanks to the stability of ksnipe, you can 100% rest assured.
- Time Saving
Once you posses Ksnipe, almost all tedious online work can be finished automatically without special surveillance. It can automatically generate account information and link backlinks to your site. Only a gently click, you can enjoy your basketball game completely at ease.

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